A short bio with a strong hat theme.
A brief journey through time where we learn that for me, all roads lead to digital.

A digital multiverse

I have worn lots of creative hats in the last twenty years - Comic Illustrator, Songwriter, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, UX Practitioner, Digital Director, Creative Director. The hats that fit best are the ones that help me to create brilliant experiences in the digital world: the brand, UX and UI hats. Ironically, I rarely wear actual hats, but I do wake up every day with bags of energy and passion for Brand and Digital Design.

I have worked with a lady that makes scarecrows for the Cotswolds elite, and a whimsical estate that hosts the top one percent of wealth in the UK. I have directed strategy and design projects with teams large and small, working with brilliant digital designers, copywriters, developers, photographers and cimeatographers. Today, I have landed comfortably in the lifestyle and luxury space, working directly with new and existing brands to create elegant and engaging brand moments and digital touch points.

talk to me all day long about

  • Brand strategy and identity design
  • UX research and design
  • Website or native mobile UI design
  • Prototypes
  • Web development

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