I, James Holmes will carry out work only where an agreement is provided either in person, through email, telephone, or postal mail. I will carry out work only for clients who are 18 years of age or above. All orders will need to be agreed by both parties in order for work to begin, this agreement can be written or verbal.

A deposit of at least 25% of the quoted project cost will be required before work commences. If applicable, milestone payments will be outlined prior to project kick-off. Please note that all intellectual property and digital assets remain the property of James Holmes until the full project balance is paid.

I will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to failure to meet agreed deadlines.

Website Development

Whilst every endeavor will be made to ensure that website development is error-free, I can not accept responsibility for any malfunctions. Genuine errors will be corrected free of charge. Original scripts or software remain the copyright of James Holmes and may only be commercially reproduced or resold with my permission and may carry a small fee. The client agrees to make available as soon as is reasonably possible all materials required to complete the site to the agreed standard and within the deadline agreed by both parties.

I will not be liable or become involved in any disputes between the site owner and their clients and cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing on the part of a site owner including any disputes regarding content or images that have been provided to me for inclusion on the site.

Once a website has been designed and completed the final balance of payment is then due in accordance with my payment terms. There are no exceptions to this, i.e If the client decides they no longer want the site, as they have commissioned the work and paid a deposit they are still obliged to pay for the work that has been done. Non-payment will result in legal action being taken if necessary. All websites will be created to be compatible with modern web browsing software to an acceptable level, though I can offer no guarantees of correct function with all browser software.

Payment of Accounts

A deposit is required before any work is carried out. Once a deposit has been paid and work completed you are obliged to pay the balance of payment in full. I will contact clients via email and telephone to remind them of such payments if they are not received when due. If accounts are not settled or I have not been contacted regarding the delay, access to the related website may be denied and web pages removed, I will then pass such cases to the Small Claims Court to pursue payment, please note that non-payment can result in county court judgments (CCJs) being added to the client’s credit rating.

Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with anything about the service provided by me, James Holmes, please contact me by email and I will endeavor to reply and resolve your complaint within 3 working days, refunds may be offered depending on the circumstances.